Thursday, August 09, 2007 | By: Draconic Lioncourt

Usagi Lolita

Usagi is a darling outfit with rabbit ears and white lace trim. It includes with it:

Sculpted and flexi sleeves
Flexi skirt with lace petticoat
Neck ribbon
Bonnet with flexi prims and rabbit ears
It is available in 7 candy colors: Black,White, Sunshine, Lilac, Blue, Green, & Pink


elka said...

Along with the lacey armwarmers, this is a truely ORGASMIC release (yes please do clean your store wall became I came all over it XD)... Usagi lolita is so kawaii and a tasty idea, and PLUS, I get to be YELLOW EGL, with is raaaare if not non-existant in SL. Kudos and HI5s to you Drac, you made my day :3

elka said...

because* not became* duuuh can't type, too excited