Sunday, June 21, 2009 | By: Draconic Lioncourt

Bake Sale! and more hair

Its time again for the Koreshan Bake Sale. Im a little late posting today but I had a ton of stuff going on with bake sale and hair fair! Bake sale is at the Koreshan event area in the sim center and will be going untill monday. I made 2 little summer dresses in strawberry or blueberry flavor. Enjoy!

Also here is the 3rd hair I did for hair fair. They will be available in my booth in SouthEast.
Thursday, June 18, 2009 | By: Draconic Lioncourt

Moar hair!

Here is a peek at my second Hair Fair exclusive release named after my good friend and blogger extraordinaire!

A pigtailed updo of elaborately looped curls, the Achariya is pulled back into soft twin mounds high above the face, descending in loose tendrils around the ears. The front of the hair cups the brow in long, side-swept bangs, allowing the eyes a tiny bit of shyness. The Achariya is hair for the elegantly adorable. Comes in 32 colors.

This and my other Hair Fair releases will be available at the event June 20 - July 4th
Wednesday, June 17, 2009 | By: Draconic Lioncourt

Hair Fair '09

So its time for Hair Fair again. This year's theme is candy land and theres a lot of really cute designs. Its going to run from June 20th - July 4th.

Again I will be participating with 3 new designs so please come visit my booth and take a look. I will be posting my location on the 20th and will send out a landmark to my group.

Here is a sneak peek at one of the hairs that will be at the show.

More info on the expo can be found here: