Saturday, May 19, 2012 | By: Draconic Lioncourt

World Goth Day Fair

Ok well I'm a little late posting this because I'm forgetful. sorry! I released 2 exclusive items for the World Goth Day Fair in progress on the Dark Eternity and Cursed sims! The World Goth Fair, hosted by Dark Eternity, will feature some of the best gothic merchants from throughout SL, and (like many other SL fairs) will benefit a charity- in this case, The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. (which you can read about at It will run from May 15-31.

Wilted Blossoms is a mesh babydoll dress with bow. Available in 4 color options. Try out a demo to make sure the mesh works for you!

 For my gatcha item I have sculpted a metal heart necklace with a shiny leopard print design. There are 10 color options.

Both these limited items can be purchased at the fair and funds go to the Sophie Lancaster foundation. Thanks for looking and enjoy the fair! You can find me on the Cursed sim.