Thursday, October 30, 2008 | By: Draconic Lioncourt

Red Riding Hood

Twisting the fairy tales until they are new again, this Little Red Riding Hood is no innocent. Her eyes are sly and her lips are lush, and she might've lured the wolf instead of the other way around. Her red cloak flows in a sinuous cascade over her voluptuous skirts, and her basket contains a macabre secret. Wouldn't you like to know what it is?

This outfit set from out of the wild wood includes 19 pieces, and has the lovely benefit of one of the pieces being a skin from your choice of 6 tones. It also has a cape, basket with built-in AO, decadent cuffs, two kinds of skirts, two kinds of stockings, pants, a corset and waist-cincher, and four blouses.

Red is available as a full set (including all the above). Also available is the dress only and the individual skins.
Thursday, October 23, 2008 | By: Draconic Lioncourt

Ghost Hunt Freebie

As part of the grid wide ghost hunt that runs the 24th to the 31st of October, I have made this cute Halloween batty bag version of my plushy purses. The hunt takes place ...well.. grid wide! You jump from store to store hunting out each designer's ghost to find their freebie. Good fun! When you find a ghost you will get from it a LM to the next store along the tour. I am #109. I will be sending out information to my group on the details and how to start the hunt as soon as I get it.

Batty is a hand stitched quilted type lumpy bat with a pumpkin clasp. He has Halloween themed fabric patches on his body and feet. This cutie comes only in the one color theme but I may be releasing it with the regular bags later.
Its cute, its cuddly, its lumpy, and hey! its free!

Good luck hunting the ghosties!
Wednesday, October 15, 2008 | By: Draconic Lioncourt

Best day eva!

So the fine lady behind the Creator's Stamp Rally graciously allowed me to enter for the Winter 2008 run! I'm sooooooooo excited to be a part of this and had to share :D Now the hard part of what to make for it...

Sunday, October 05, 2008 | By: Draconic Lioncourt

Halloween and Magic

I made 2 halloweeny editions of Sophia. A pumpkin and a kitty orange and black version. The pumpkin edition is available through the lucky chair at my main store. The kitty can be nabbed by Draconic Kiss group members through the special vendor in my shop. Make sure you have your group tag on when you try it or it will yell at you.

In other news the super duper awesome sim Magic of Oz is open now and I have a cute little shop there in munchkin land so go check it out! Well that sim that is but stop by my booth too ;)

Thursday, October 02, 2008 | By: Draconic Lioncourt

DK Flickr group

I started a Draconic Kiss flickr group so anyone can join and post to it if they like. Id love to see your pictures! I added a few in there to start but I take crappy photos lol.

You can find it at Draconic Kiss Group Pool
Wednesday, October 01, 2008 | By: Draconic Lioncourt


"Stand up straight while I tighten your corset -- this dress demands a sixteen inch waist." I can imagine a governess with her foot on your back as you hold in your breath to corset up for the Sofia. Made to accentuate a Victorian dolly's waistline to perfection, the flared bell of Sofia's skirt frames a tautly-laced torso. White frills and edging set off hand-painted fabric, and prim sleeves balance the look. Comes with eight pieces, including socks with prim cuffs and modest bloomers beneath the skirt. Find the color that suits your dolly best: blue, gold, green, orange, purple, red, snow or elegant black.