Friday, August 03, 2007 | By: Draconic Lioncourt


My biggest (and longest awaited!) release to date, Anne the Pirate, is finally available. She took me almost 3 months to make but now I am finally happy with it.

The Anne set c
omes in a complete package, or as separate items for you to pick and choose from.

The complete p
ackage contains:
The full dress and jacket with flexi prim attachments
Pants with flexi p
arts (with and without gun holster)
Jewelry set

Hair with flexi parts and sculpted hat
Belt with flexi parts
Gun with hide/show script.
Skin (choose your
preferred tone)

The Anne hair set is available separately in a rainbow of colors to choose your poison from.

The Anne skin set is available in single tones

s boots are also available seperatly

And finally, Anne's costume is available (without jewelry, eyepatch, or gun) on its own.

Available now at my main store in Koreshan