Tuesday, July 02, 2013 | By: Draconic Lioncourt

Koreshan Fair is OPEN!

Wow its been a hugely busy month but the fair is finally open and it looks great!  Everyone worked so hard and there's so many cool things to see and get.  I have a few items too for everyone.

First is a cute little lolita style dress I call the Farmer's Daughter.  Its a check tank top trimmed in lace that leads into a denim top skirt.  Beneath is a matching check and lace underskirt.  The whole dress is accented with a bandanna style belt and neck tie.  Also included are a pair of white knee socks and some cute plain white panties.  This item is available only at the fair!  You can take a chance to win it at my booth! The skirt is original mesh and comes in 5 standard sizes and 5 color options!. Also included is a color change hud to control the skirt and necktie.

Also available as my item for the Ticket Rally is a fun Moonshine Still.  Its weathered but it still puts out a jug of moonshine on touch!  100% original mesh and available for 35 tickets at the Ticket Rally redemption board!

There is a wonderful lineup of designers at the fair including ANA_Mations, Nilla Bean, Boogers, Sn@tch, Lisp, Friday, Studio Sidhe, floorplan, Gaia Breedables and more!  It runs July 2 - 15th on the Koreshan sim.