Sunday, June 16, 2013 | By: Draconic Lioncourt

Join us for the 1st annual Koreshan Hillbilly Hoedown & Country Fair!  July 1-15th at Koreshan.

We have a fantastic lineup of Koreshan family & friends designers for this great event! Come for the rides, games, and prizes!  We have so much planned and can't wait.

Country Fair games.
This works similar to a gacha with a twist!  This game contains one prize; the item you want to get.  Watch out though, there are dummy prizes in there that you could get instead!  Good luck!

Tickets Rally.
Collect tickets by playing games and making purchases from the fair designers.  Our HUD will help you keep count of the tickets you have saved.  Take them to the prize board and trade in your tickets for great unique items by our designers!

What else will be going on?

We will be hosting Redneck Beauty Pageants for adults, and Country Bumpkin Pageants for SL's kids. We will have DJ'd events and Fair rides such as the Mini Monster Truck Ride, community Redneck 'Hot tubs' , freebie stalls, and more!
We are also pleased to be hosting the July Flux event during the fair.

Stay tuned to for updated info or join the Koreshan Subscriber.

See you at the fair!

-Koreshan Family & Friends