Sunday, January 08, 2012 | By: Draconic Lioncourt

Pleeeease let me know :)

It was brought to my attention recently that some customers may have received an item that had incorrect permissions on it.  If something is listed as being mod then it should be!  If the permissions are incorrect I would be very happy to help out by replacing the item and fixing the vendor.  My clothing has been sold with mod permissions (especially the prim parts) and/or a script from when I started designing in SL in 2005.  Sometimes I do make mistakes and I am more then happy to fix them - but I have to know about them first :)

Please do not ever hesitate to let me know when something is mislabeled, permissioned incorrectly, priced incorrectly or well... anything you might need or have questions about.  Most of the time I do get my IM's to email but as always notecard is usually the best way to contact me.  It also helps me to make sure that I am reminded to get back to you lol

Hope everyone had great holidays and thanks for reading :)