Friday, November 06, 2009 | By: Draconic Lioncourt

Poison Apple

The year turns and we look inward, protected from the cold by a dark wash of silks and stiff brocade. An opulent jacket, boned and laced and frilled, wards off the cold from our wanders, legs clad in a fine sheen of silk, waist tightly bound in a protective girdle of silk and boning and lace. The skirt falls to the floor in a heavy swish of silk, or flares from the hip in a perfect gothic puff to highlight one's warm winter boots. We don this gown to meet with the Queen of Fae on the Twelfth Night, or to trail through groves of sleepy trees, leaving a wash of rich fabric as we go.

The frock comes in amethyst, emerald, ruby, and sapphire, each with a long and short skirt option, and white and black skirts to highlight the colorful bodice.
Between Nov 6 and the 8th, a limited edition pink version Rubellite will be available as a hunt around my main store in Koreshan. Look for the shiny red apples. A few dozen will be set out each day for you to find between now and sunday.

For even more goodness I've also made a Lucky Chair exclusive Onyx corset add-on for the outfit. This goes well with any of the colors!