Monday, July 14, 2008 | By: Draconic Lioncourt

8 new releases!

The 8 designs created for the Toys in the Attic show are now on sale in my store in Koreshan. This was a huge undertaking for me and I am so happy that the outfits were so well received.

Because there were sooooo many outfits in several color options each, I have compiled 2 big sample ads of each outfit in one color as a showing. Each outfit comes in 4-6 colors each and Im sure you appreciate me not giving you that many ads ;)

I have also included the script for my portion of the show as expertly written by the wonderful Achariya Maktoum. It includes descriptions for each outfit written much better then I ever could!

Bound Heart

Traditional gothic stripes are a dashing counterpoint to the voluptuous puff of red and black prim skirt in Bound Heart. Armwarmers and a laced, heart-embossed neck brace complete the eight-piece outfit. Beneath the skirt is a sleek pair of knee-lacing capris, a perfect dressed-down option for when you need to fit through small spaces, like Alice's keyholes or the White Rabbit's cavern.


A traditional porcelain doll would adore the beribboned gravity of Flourish and the way it moves, swishing about her legs in drapes of lace and satin. Bows and more lace set off the bodice, baring the shoulders in a tiny glimpse of skin before the fine pleated sleevelets begin. Nine pieces.


Tight laces constrain the top of this tartan dress, a contrast to the lightness of the prim skirt below. The keyhole shape of the top sets off the delicate shading of your bosom, and the armwarmers buckle up for even more constraint. Five pieces.


Another perfect dolly dress, the Dinah has nine pieces that work together to garb you in lavish lace and thick brocade. The prim skirt is the center of this outfit, set off by a long bow that trails nearly to the ground behind you. Prim cuffs float about your wrists in a decadent fall of fabric that will trail in the ink of your fountain pen if you aren't careful.

Her Eulogy

A little girl goes to the theater in a brand-new cape to ward her shoulders against the cold. Her Eulogy's cape floats behind her, creating an unwitting scene of gothic romance on the misty streets. When she doffs it, the dark grey on black of the frock shirt's fabric mark her as a girl of consequence. The triple layers of skirt and cut a swath through even London's season. Ten pieces.

His Eulogy

You will not feel the autumn chill in His Eulogy, a pinstriped waistcoat and frock suit that will carry you swiftly with the Baker Street Irregulars from bawdy shop to dock. Will the flash of red on your collar draw the attention of The Ripper as he haunts Whitechapel? Carry a handpiece in your pocket just in case... Nine pieces include an option to wear the vest alone, over a rouge undershirt.


A double-breasted waistcoat hides beneath the jacket of Engineer, an eight-piece outfit accented by a capeletted jacket (subtly enhanced with a cog design) and tails. Formal with distressed, gothic cuffs, the outfit can carry you to your gentleman's club. Later, with the demimond, the waistcoat can outfit you for the roughest company. Pinstriped pants and a tie complete the outfit for a look of dark verisimilitude.


Hand-drawn bows and lace adorn the cropped panniers of this knee-length lolita, rising to caress a comfortable bodice loosely laced above your gathered shirt. Sculpty prim sleeves and an ear-bedecked bonnet complete this look, rendering your cuteness level at nigh-deadly. Eight pieces.