Wednesday, November 29, 2006 | By: Draconic Lioncourt

3 New Lolitas

Ive released 3 new Lolitas decked out with flexi prims for your bouncing pleasure.

The Abigail is a cranberry color with flexi skirt, waist and arm bows, stockings, bloomers and shirt.

The Beatrix is a deep blue velvety dress with blue satin trim. it also has a flexi skirt, waist bow, flexi tiered cuffs, bloomers, top and stockings.

Finally the Hana named for after the very bouncy Hana Doll of Scribbles. This is a black velvety dress with flexi prim skirt, waist and chest bow, flexi lace arm pieces, bloomers, top, and stockings.

With the release of these dresses I have marked down my previous lolita outfits and in turn, the first 3 of the collection (black velvet, cranberry lace and black pearl) have been set to FREE!! Because the 3 freeby dresses are so old and.. free, I won't be doing any custom mods on them anymore but the dresses are mod for you to fit and play with.

These new lolitas are available at my main store and in my vendors. The freebies are for the time being a main store, boutique and exchange exclusive.